RAGT in words

RAGT in words

RAGT, Rouergue Auvergne Gévaudan Tarnais

Natural areas where RAGT finds its origins. The company has roots bound by strong human values, rising to the challenge of ambitious, innovative and competitive European agriculture.

From Aveyron to Europe

Founded by Aveyronnais farmers who are today its shareholders, RAGT is focused on Europe.

RAGT’s ability for openness has resulted in the reproduction of the local feel for business on a European scale, by establishing the company in every major European farming area.

RAGT at the heart of agriculture

RAGT has 2 complementary core businesses

Seed business

RAGT Seeds breeds, produces and sells seeds all over the world. RAGT Seeds deals in the major species for European farming.

Farm supply business

RAGT Plateau Central supplies farms with supplementary products and advises over 10,000 farms in the Aveyron area.

RAGT Seeds : innovative research

Over 256 varieties registered every year within 32 species: corn, sunflower, sorghum, grass and vegetables for livestock feed, durum wheat, soft wheat, triticale, barley, soya and rapeseed. 

RAGT Seeds invests over 17,2% of its turnover in variety innovation. It has European-wide resources:

400 breeders and technicians

22 research stations all over Europe

4 multi-species laboratories: technology, phytopathology, biometrics, biotehnology

Genomics partnerships

Commercial contacts all over Europe

RAGT Seeds: nearly 300 sales representatives in 20 subsidiaries living alongside farmers and distributors in the farming industry.

RAGT Seeds: product expertise

RAGT Seeds has a database called SEV® (Système d’Evaluation Variétale) which contains all the results and observations of trials carried out on its varieties. These data are the result of RAGT Seeds research, small and large plot trials and also comments from specifiers, distributors and industrial companies.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of data are entered, with different agronomic and technological criteria so that it is possible to cross and fine-tune our varieties. SEV® is used by selectors to sort and choose the lines; by RAGT Seeds project managers for variety knowledge, regionalisation of the varieties, variety use and the positioning in terms of market opportunities. It is a reactive tool which we share with our customers to enhance the genetic progress of our varieties.