Spring barley

Spring barley

A high-performance range

The RAGT Semences spring barley range continues to grow.

RGT PLANET has become the reference in the spring malting barley market. It is known for its high yield potential and brewing quality. It is the preferred variety of brewers and malters in France that is the most cultivated in our territory.

RGT ASTEROID, registered in January 2017, is approved in brewery following validation of the pilot test carried out by CBMO*. It is a semi early productive variety, with good disease behaviour and excellent grading. Thanks to its "No GN**" character, its malt can be used in distillery for the production of whisky.

RGT ORBITER, the best registration of the year, is admitted in technological validation and will be tested by CBMO* on the 2018 harvest. It is characterized by a secure agronomic profile combined with a very good yield potential. It is adapted to the brewery and distillery outlets.

PRESTIGE, which is the oldest of the preferred varieties and still has its supporters.

*Comité Bière Malt Orge