Certified soybean seed: reliable and practical!

"Certified soybean seed: a reliable and practical way to save money!" is a document that reminds all advantages of certified soybean seed: access to new varieties, quality and traceability of certified seeds, professional quality sorting. It highlights the practical side thanks to a reduced difficulty, especially with the packaging in big doses and above all the innovation of pre-inoculation which avoids manipulations. The investment in certified seed, by financing varietal research and the progression of the potential and quality of varieties, makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of the soybean species and thus the durability of this culture. This contributes to France's protein independence. This 4 pages was designed by the UFS, Gnis and Anamso, in collaboration with Terres Univia and Terres Inovia. It takes all its place within the framework of the « Charte Soja de France » process.

La Semence Certifiée de SojaPDF File - 3.95 MB - 07 Mar 2018