RAGT Semences in France

RAGT Semences in France

RAGT semences in France has a business expansion strategy for its field seeds in multi-species tuned to the rotation requirements of farmers.
Rotation is related to technical, CAP and environmental stakes.

RAGT semences’ business strategy in France is focused on major species:

Cereals: Soft winter wheat, Durum wheat, Spring barley, Triticale, Soybean

Fodders:  Rye Grass, Orchardgrass, Fescue, Clover, Alfalfa, Soil health plants, Vetch

Hybrids: Maize, Sunflower, Rapeseed and Sorghum.

The RAGT teams are specialised with a view to staying tuned to the requirements of distributors and farmers. There are therefore 3 teams: a straw cereal and pulse team, a fodder team and a hybrid team.

This field organisation and the strong relationship created with distributors have given rise to a high-flying status on strategic markets.